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 Who Am I?
Hi, I’m Kristina. 
(AKA: KaleidoKristina, the stoker)

I’m here to help you embody the energy, creativity and spirit of being alive!  And to help you positively disrupt mundane patterns and dizzying spin cycles that leave you feeling bored, bland, and blasé.  

As a Creative Empowerment Coach, I support you in harnessing and focusing your energies, so you can express your truest creative spirit, and thrive in your role as co-creator of your most vibrant human experience! 

I'm the Founder of Kaleido Living, and the creatrix of The Creative Energy Playbook, and Conscious Energy Oracle Cards.  I'm also the author of The Art of Positive Disruption: 123 Ways to Create a Kaleidoscopic Life (coming January 2023).
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